Is Fluoridation Harmful to Salmon ?

The concentration of fluoride in treated water does not reach levels that could harm any plant or animal species. A report of the effects of industrial pollution from an aluminum plant on salmon indicated that the usual fluoride concentration of the river was 0.1 mg/L and when the concentration was raised experimentally to 0.5 mg/L, there was an effect on the salmon. Rivers and streams are not fluoridated.  The increase in the fluoride concentration of a river as a result of runoff from fluoridated water would be insufficient to raise the level to even 0.2 mg/L.  The fluoridation of community water, therefore, cannot have an effect on salmon.

A point of interest: Sea water contains naturally-occurring fluoride at 1.2 – 1.5 ppm, more than in optimally fluoridated community water (0.7 ppm).