Oregon School Nurses Rock!!!  Oregon School Dental Sealant Programs thank them for their help!!!

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School dental sealant programs are back!

This school year, due to COVID-19 concerns, school dental sealant programs were unable to provide consistent care for schools.  However, things are improving quickly!  We’re almost back to full service.

School sealant programs prevent 50% of cavities.  To see if your school has a school dental sealant program, please first call your school.  If they don’t have a program, please contact Karen Phillips at karen.phillips@dhsoha.state.or.us

For links to educational videos, please go to the Parents & School Staff page.

During the 2021 Oregon legislative session, we supported several bills pertaining to children’s oral health.  Video

  • HB 2528 passed (Dental Therapy)
  • HB 2627 passed (Interim Therapeutic Restorations, ITRs)
  • HB 2977 in Committee, but a dental director was hired
  • HB 2969 passed (Oral Health Education & Sustaining School Oral Health Programs)